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If there’s one thing that makes us worth hiring, it's our ability to design thoughtful, intelligent solutions for our clients.

Since 1995, we’ve created web sites and web-based applications for companies as large as IBM and Coca-Cola, as small as a one-person business.

And one of our greatest points of pride is that we have clients who’ve continued to work with us for as long as 10 years.

We hope that whether your project is complex application development, a company intranet, or a simpler web design and development project, you’ll give us a thought — and give us a call.

We don’t have a single design style, though we can do very stylish design.

We don’t limit our work to a single application platform, database, or programming language — although we have preferences. And we make recommendations.

We don’t push our clients into solutions. We listen and try to offer reasonable answers.

Fifteen years of web development experience, preceded by many years of marketing experience, have taught us how to work successfully with clients.

What we have is single-minded dedication to learning our clients’ businesses and using that knowledge for our mutual benefit.

MediumCool brings together professionals in web application development, e-commerce, database management and web design to create a variety of solutions for its clients. Since 1995, we've provided web design and development skills to both large and small companies — mostly in the Atlanta area, but also in Northern California, Texas, Florida, Tennessee and other parts of the country.

The reason for the diversity of geography and types of projects? We think it’s because we listen carefully to our clients; we learn their businesses; we work hard, for them and for ourselves. So when our name gets passed around, it gets passed around in positive ways, though often for very different types of work.

We could, we suppose, give you a form to fill out. But why?

What you need to communicate to us, and what you want in return, won’t fit a form.

If you’d like to discuss a project with us, or learn more about the private applications we can’t show you publicly, just call us — 404.589.0560 — or e-mail us at

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a simple conversation is worth a million web forms.

Since 2000, the largest part of our business has been custom application development.

This work has included design and development of insurance applications used by the medical centers of Johns Hopkins, Yale and Columbia; a subscription service for energy efficiency analysis of large commercial buildings; and software for the management of pharmaceutical trials, among others.

And it’s required us to carefully architect highly data-centric solutions.

What we’ve shown our clients — and what we hope we can show you — is that regardless of the nature of your business, we can learn it quickly and help design applications specific to your needs.

E-commerce is a much broader topic than simply creating a database of products and attaching a shopping cart.

Yes, we’ve done that. And we can do it for you, working with your choice of payment gateways or platforms.

But we can also create commerce solutions that aren’t the usual shopping-cart-and-credit-card combo. Solutions that involve connecting you and your customers’ — or your vendors’ — transactions in other ways, tracking and reporting on transactions, even rebilling costs to other companies.

We’ve built accounting systems from scratch. So we can tackle pretty much any type of financial or commerce application your company might need.

We came into web development from a long background in advertising agencies. And let’s face it, in the mid-late 90s, there wasn’t a whole lot you could do on a web site besides provide marketing and informational content.

These days, it’s a little more complex. Even the simplest marketing site should be optimized for search engines and should be based on a content management system that allows the owner of the site to create and edit her/his company’s own content.

And yet, it still comes down to the basics: understanding your business, your market, your customers, and building a site to match. So all those pre-web years in advertising won’t be wasted when we work with you.

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